The Point Is...

Apr 15 2009

So, a new chapter...

A new medium.

A new vision.

This is now the home of “The Point Is...” podcast. A brainchild of myself and Mr. Alex N. Thank you all, loyal readers of, friends, family, and strangers, all alike,  Thank you for checking out the show.

I’d like to take a little time and sort of... spell out the message... at least what we know of it so far, in writing, for once.

But the thing is, our message is ever changing, such like our points of view.  I guess the real thing we’re trying to accomplish is to just... establish a sort of.... platform for discourse... a venue for perspectives to be heard and ideas to be spread.

We practice one straightforward idea - honesty. Enough of the bullshit, ya know?

Mainly, we’re just living life and saying what comes to mind on the ride. We’re human, plain and simple - and we’re not afraid to not only acknowledge that, but to embrace it...



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Lots can change in just a short amount of time. Jobs can be lost, perspectives changed, lives uprooted and relationships either appear from thin air or solidify for years to come.

In the past month and a half I have seen so much change. Seen pipe dreams start to produce. Seen best friends graduate. Not only college, but graduate to their next step in life. Marriage, profession, or even just intellectually.

Its hard to know where i fit in in all this mess. Im seeing the natural progressions all around me, all at the natural times, and I’m happy for every single one of you. But I can’t help but feel that I’m lost. Yes school is right around the corner, but I’m afraid of those best laid plans.

Right now is an extremely intense time. I know you can feel it. It is no longer a transition period. Its a period of happenings. Its a period of content, of movement and of life. Its impossible to know if you’re doing the right thing.

All I can say is continue doing what you’re doing. Have a positive outlook and don’t doubt yourself as much. I might not be the best person at giving advice, seeing as I haven’t accomplished much in my little world. But lately i’ve been living my own advice. I’ve been doing, instead of thinking. Instead of over analyzing. I’ve been doing all the little things i said i would.

And I couldn’t be happier.


Loose Footing

Sept 29 2009

I feel like i’ve used this title before in one of my posts, but thats okay, because it seems more than fitting.

Ever feel like you were making the right decision... you know, thought it all the way through, made all the necessary life shifts, and then, as soon as it starts you start questioning it? What is the determining factor that solidifies whether or not you’re making the right decision? Happiness? Progress? A stress-free environment? The notion that ‘this will be making my life better’? Well, what is better? What is this uphill climb that we all insist on killing ourselves over, for? (wow, that got intense fast).

I think i think too much. I’m gonna ‘do’ more. Get out and make some mistakes. Find people to make mistakes with.

I’m gonna stop with the theoretical and the hypothetical because, frankly, no matter how much i bitch, things never change. My questions remain only that, questions. Only by my actions will things start to shift in my favor.

Here’s to that.


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Andrea Hurtado -- The Point Is... Supports You

Nov 5 2009

A few weeks ago I was at work while we, my co-workers & I, received the news that one of our own was battling Hodgkin’s Disease. At Red Bull Distribution Company we consider one another family. We help one another when one is down. We understand that outside of the walls of our offices, the cabs of our trucks, and the shelves of our product there is more to life.


To donate click the Shopping Cart (Bands) or the Heart (Donations).

Andrea Hurtado is RBDC Miami’s Receptionist/Sustainability Coordinator. On her 26th birthday doctors told her she was afflicted with Hodgkin’s Disease, or Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This cancer attacks the body in an orderly fashion through the lymphatic system. As it travels from lymph node to lymph node it weakens its host’s immune system making them more susceptible to other diseases. The lymph nodes themselves are enlarged and thinned. Though survival rates of Hodgkin’s Disease are positive it is still a very real threat to Andrea.

The Point Is..., along with Red Bull Distribution Company locations across the United States are raising money and providing positive encouragement to Andrea. Thus far we have raised an amount in the low thousands. We are working towards a goal of $5,000 from the Sacramento branch alone.

Here is where you, our family members, come into play. We are offering the same bands that RBDC is selling to its customers and employees, to you for $5.00. We will be sending 100% of these donations to Andrea. We will be paying for the production of all the bands, and any shipping & handling ourselves to ensure that Andrea can fight this battle with the least amount of external stress as possible.

Just as Red Bull Distribution Company takes care of its family TPI wants to join them on that path, we invite Andrea into the TPI family. We ask that our current TPI family help another get through one of their life defining experiences.

There are no guarantees in our journey through this world. But there is hope. I’ll take the feeling of hope over a guarantee any day. We are not entitled to life, but hope is yours and only you can give it up. TPI challenges you to lend your hope to Andrea.

Andrea, we wish you the absolute best as you travel through our thoughts every day.



E-Mail Nero @ to purchase a band, share a story, give words of encouragement, or give a donation rewarded with the warm feeling you get. I can direct you to the correct/secure way.


The Point Is... Logo

Nov 10 2009

Finally? Yeah, for now. Thanks to Jenn we have an image we are going to be using. Its the one below this paragraph. More importantly about what is below this paragraph is the information about making donations for Andrea Hurtado. And don’t miss the links to the immediate left.

Cheers and Love


How Are You Sleeping?

Nov 16 2009

TPI is excited to announce that we got to assist one of own, Kelsey, in one of her classes at Cal. As a student of UC Berkeley enrolled in Psychology 133 she was asked to use a medium of her choice to educate people on the effects of sleep deprivation. If you are like me I suggest checking this one out. It is quite the interesting topic. And very pertinent in both of our lives, namely Kelsey’s. In this lesson on sleep deprivation I must note (without consultation) her personal experience. 10.5 months ago the initial link between myself and Kelsey died in an avalanche at a Tahoe ski resort. Randy was Kelsey’s boyfriend and best friend of numerous years. A great person and friend, one of my best.

Last December 25th was when Randy died. Because of conversation and through being witness I know that Kelsey has not slept more than a handful of hours in the last 11 months. She has been, and is, fighting an uphill battle. But she fights it up and forward. I have the utmost respect--for the experience she is going through and her ability to be open so that others may learn through her--for her. TPI is just another outlet for that.

TPI wishes Kelsey the absolute best in her class and with this project. Let’s see if TPI can help her maximize this project, which is 20% of her class grade.

As always, thank you so very much Kelsey. TPI hopes that your outcome reflects the truth. Cheers and Love!           

A sleep deprived Nero:   


PS: We are still accepting donations for Andrea Hurtado. Rock on!

The University of Failifornia needs Sacrifice

Nov 24 2009

Here, in Failifornia, de-Uniting States, the University of California is being questioned by it’s own body, the students. Entities, more commonly called institutions, are very much akin to a human body. Think about it like this, you get sick, your body notifies you that its time to change your ways; rest more, eat better, exercise more, stress less, in one idea: the cells say "help us help you." Compromise. I see that as the ideal that UC students are trying to portray to the UC administrators. It is all really simple to me. If the UC system is a public school system it ought to be a family. In my ideal family there is open communication and sharing of information. The biggest stray from the the administrators attitude is self-sacrifice. They do sacrifice. They sacrifice their daily lives with a family or loved one to put in that extra face time, to work that extra hour to keep making that extra money. That personal choice is ok. I disagree with looking out for this entity composed of humans over the very humans that compose it. I do appreciate my cells telling me that it is time for a change towards healthy, towards balance. An idea this country was founded on: checks and balances. Well lets check and balance, not overweigh one side. Look at a scale, the heavier side--the students--gets weighed down because of the lighter side--the administration. This isn't light vs dark, this isn't black vs white, but it is right vs wrong. This is sacrifice + sacrifice = a healthy compromise.

Enjoy a slideshow of what Nero saw:

The very entity that I learned sacrifice through is now telling its body, its children, it self, that it only wants to make money for its few. It is the same as the imbalance between working a desk job and going home to be a couch potato. Your hamstrings, your literal backbone suffer for your choice to not exercise (take care of) your body; just like these "public" universities are strangling, atrophying its own body-its legs and its support. Unfortunately? bodies are replaceable in these modern days. You can get surgeries and replacements. You can get new students and workers to do the same or even more for less. Which seems more odd than even to me. You can reap the same benefits at the top even if there is a shift in the bottom, because after all you are still on the top. The top of Mt Everest is still the top of Mt Everest even after the bottom pushes itself up a bit higher. Rise above? Its not even a flood. Its for balance and love. We can look out for the greater whole without creating an over abundance of entitlement or disrespect.

Public education should not be operated as if it were a company, a corporation. It should be operated like a family. Even companies should be families. Look out for your own. Don't hurt others but strive for more. Maybe this is because I feel at home anywhere I have ever been. I feel at home on Earth. Home often implies loved ones. I love people, I often dislike groups of people, the larger the group the larger the dislike. I don't dislike what the group is composed of, I dislike the group. I want to take care of my loved ones, I want my loved ones to be taken care of. I want to feel together because of our differences, not in spite of them.

I love you all.

Give thanks.

Thank YOU.





Breaks and Updates

Dec 6 2009

Break: We took a week off. Unplanned. Much needed. Much appreciated.

Thank you all for continuing to be part of TPI family. It seems like the next few weeks are going to be a challenge as well. Kindra is going to Tahoe for her Winter break. Gut is going somewhere for an education. And lord only knows what Nero might be plotting. We have had nothing but a great time getting to know one another, our guests, and ourselves over the last 9 months and are excited to still be a part of your lives throughout the future. You rock.

Its winter--go sit by a fire place and have a conversation with a warm beverage, some ambient music, and another human being. I saw a bumper sticker today, it said “Humankind. Be both.”

Updates: Andrea Hurtado has a blog. Check it out. Love Feistiness and Faith. Keep rocking. I (and my co-workers) received a letter from Andrea recently for our efforts to help her. She is very grateful for what we are doing. I extend this letter to the TPI family as well. We have raised approximately $250 for her. Thank you all again.




Merry Christmas

Dec 23 2009

or whatever you celebrate. Celebrate life. I just wanted to let everyone know we are thinking of y’all this holiday season. WIth a new year, one of the last 3 EVER, right around the corner we also want to wish y’all safe travels and awwwe-some tidings. We have eps in the bank, but the tank is low. We are looking to continue to recharge and provide you with some food for thought.

By no stretch are we done. BUT Alejandro is moving to Exeter. Kindra is still out of town for a few weeks. I am out for a few days. Things are going to change, they always do...

Look for new content. Reminisce or catch-up with the old. Not that your life revolves around us, but take some time to yourself. We have, actually, been doing some background work. I don’t know what else to say but thank you. Enjoy. Cheers.

Cherish these days, they are all we have.



Happy Tomorrows

Dec 31 2009

I say “happy tomorrows” because I must ask what is next year? I personally am against claiming “this year” or “next year” because delaying the start of something lessens the likelihood that it will ever even begin. The old adage “there is no time like the present.” Calendars, years, months, and days are just for a frame of reference, not a deadline. While I encourage life to happen in a timely fashion, not everyone is on the same time line. I discourage people to lie to themselves and those around them. I discourage placing weight and differentiating your life into years. I do not see it as specific beginning and ends so much as a singular beginning and end with many points of growth and some points of loss. A quantifiable story that can be told generically through a standard two dimensional graph.

My point is, don’t let the calendar run your life, run your own life. Things can still get accomplished. Naturally, you still have to live in the world that was here before you were. But I feel taking on the mindset I call “kill all clocks” helps you get back to you and see life not as a race but as an experience.

Thank you all again so very much for putting up with the hiatus we have been on. Check out this fresh old school episode to get a peek at our referential year in review: The Year in Review - Two Thousand Wine. From 3/11 to 12/31, from our hearts to your ears, enjoy your continuing journey and thank you for letting us be part of it. Happy days.

Check out the archive while you are at it and have time to kill...

Cheers & Love



Today is Tomorrow

Jan 18 2010

I don’t actually think that “Today is Tomorrow” makes any sense but it sounds cool? I say that though to ask how your new year resolutions are coming along. Listen to the song “The New Year” by Death Cab for Cutie and that should help explain what I mean below and here. We, probably because of me, have taken a good month off. Alejandro is now in the central valley. Kindra and I are back in Davis. I have been squeezing every opportunity to not work for its worth and then beating it like a dead horse. The idea that breaking a routine, stopping working, makes it harder to get back into it. I don’t think I can argue that point but I must point out the obvious, it is possible. Through the end of this month I will be doing

I want to get back to y’all. I want to get some help, with getting to y’all. Join us if you want. Pass the word on. Hand out TPI... tags (which I can get you). Belittle us on the internet. Or get at me if you think of anything.

I may finally update some important things like the mission statement.

What I am ultimately trying to get at is, why put off what you can do today. I don’t have a cure-all answer. But I did it because I feel like I needed it. It is all part of the balance, the moderation I strive for.

Thats just my quick quip for now. Look for more, and new soon!

Cheers and thanks




Feb 12 2010

One thousand and ninety five days. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve started the alexgut ‘experiment’. Three years. Man, SO much change in three little digits. When I first started this, living alone in my one-bedroom apartment in Rancho Cordova, I had no idea, not even in my wildest dreams, what could become of my silly, little, innocent slice of the internet (okay, maybe not THAT innocent). I remember going to work at the Folsom Ritz, during the early days, and never forgetting to mention that the latest AlexGut post was up. Strangely, for reasons I don’t know to this day, people read. And left comments, even! For everyone who supported me then, and encouraged both my [horrible] writing and [equally horrible] photography, thank you. You provided me both the friendship I needed at a very tough time in my life, and the foundation for growth.

And a lot of growth has happened since then.

I did number 14 on my 101 list (link to ! Haha. Sadly, I never did complete my list (I didn’t even finish writing it). But I sure as hell crossed a lot of them off. Important ones. The most important of all, I’m working on right now. Finally, I’m where I belong. After moving five times, these past years, I’m back in Exeter. Threw my ego aside and am back in school (school is where I belong, not Exeter. I mean its cool and all, but…).

I’ve taken my ‘hiatuses’, my ‘leaves of absences’ and my much needed ‘times of distractions’, but for some reason – possibly our innate nature to communicate and feel ‘important’—my mind was always on this site. Like right now, I’m in the middle of the Great AlexGut Technology Exodus of Twenty-Ten, but fortunately, this site doesn’t have to be update-less.

For, as evolution would have it, this site, such like myself, has grown.

The Point Is… is… ridiculous; in the greatest way possible. Like I said earlier, never could I have imagined… this. Someone once said, you can judge a man by the company he keeps – I am a very very very lucky man. I’ve said this before, possibly to the readers of this passage, but I have some of the best friends in the world. Most of which have been guests on this show. Two of which, are keeping it alive and going strong. Nero and Kindra ARE The Point Is…

I can’t even begin to thank them for the views they’ve shared, the hard work they’ve put in, and the friendships they’ve forged. You two know how I feel.

But this, THIS is just the beginning. We’re closing in fast on the first anniversary of TPI, and this community, this involvement, is overwhelming. And it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Shameless plug, but don’t forget to join our fan page

Lately, I’ve been meeting tons of new friends here at COS, and catching up with long lost ones. I enjoy meeting new people. Really getting me back to my roots, strengthening my foundation even more so.

To those first readers, welcome. See what avenues you can venture. Find out what you can teach all of us. Every point of view is valued. Just, be courageous.

For now, I’m going to get some rest. This trip down memory lane has been wonderful, but also wonderfully exhausting. Those darker roads take a lot out of you.

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, check out the beginning.

Thanks Again


Thank you

Mar 11 2010

The Point Is... has moved to a new home!!! is going to be your source for the podcast formerly hosted by

TPI cannot thank its fans, family members, or its host for the last year. TPI is officially 1!

You can expect a continuation of great guests and conversations.

This announcement is brief but deep.

Dare to dream



Thank you, again,, and more importantly y’all.

Mar 11 2011

The Point Is... has moved back to its original home!!!

TPI cannot thank its fans, family members, or its host for the two last years. TPI is officially 2!

You can expect a continuation of great guests and conversations.

This announcement is brief but deep.

Dare to dream


Do you like how I just copied and pasted and changed some numbers...?


Dr. Peter Phile Shares His Child Safety Tips with TPI


A New Venture: Music Videos

Alex & Alex recently jumped into the world of music video production.

Song - Kill Em All

Artist - Rob C

Director/Editor - AlexGut

Since Alex & Alex have moved to Chicago for the winter and we have not been podcasting we needed something else to do. Alex Nero’s old friend Rob C hit him up and asked for assistance making a music video, this is the result. For all of our TPI listeners, enjoy! The song is available for free on iTunes. Look soon for the whole album “To Be Aware is To Be Alive”